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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Becoming PCI DSS Comliance Transfer your certification

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The best way to maximize security of cardholder data

Maintaining payment security is required for all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data. Guidance for maintaining payment security is provided in PCI security standards. These set the technical and operational requirements for organizations accepting or processing payment transactions, and for software developers and manufacturers of applications and devices used in those transactions.

Validation of compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard is determined by individual payment brands. All have agreed to incorporate the PCI Data Security Standard as part of the technical requirements for each of their data security compliance programs. The payment brands also recognize qualified security assessors and approved scanning vendors qualified by the PCI Security Standards.

3 steps to PCI DSS Certification

For a more detailed list of the usual steps needed to get certified to the ISO quality standard, please contact us. Briefly, though, here’s what you’ll need to do. Basically, there will be four major steps in your PCI DSS certification process.

  • Internal Audit

    TAYLLORCOX assessment show you how close you are to being ready for an PCI DSS certification.

  • Training

    Your staff will require training (Internal Auditor, Manager). It is dependent on their responsibilities.

  • Certification

    During an ISO audit, the auditor(s) will examine your organisation records and will talk with your people.

More information

Protecting Merchants from online threats
PCI DSS can assist Merchants become more secure and enable them to protect their business as it trades on the internet by detailing minimum requirements for IT Security,

Increasing consumer trust means more business
Consumers who purchase with a bricks and mortar Merchant, rightly or wrongly, feel more confident about their purchase. There are many reasons for this, the smile of the assistant, the knowledge they can return if there is a problem but most of all they only need to hand over their Credit Card.

The security benefits associated with maintaining PCI compliance are vital to the long-term success of all merchants who process card payments. This includes continual identification of threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the organization. Most organizations never fully recover from data breaches because the loss is greater than the data itself.

TAYLLORCOX experienced auditors possess a high level of expertise, with the training to carry out audits for PCI DSS. Through our established worldwide network of professionals, we can provide certification services no matter where you are.

FAQ: PCI DSS Compliance 

  What is a payment gateway?
Payment Gateways connect a merchant to the bank or processor that is acting as the front-end connection to the Card Brands. They are called gateways because they take many inputs from a variety of different applications and route those inputs to the appropriate bank or processor. 
  What constitutes a Service Provider?
Any company that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data on behalf of another entity is defined to be a Service Provider by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines.
  What constitutes a payment application?
A payment application is anything that stores, processes, or transmits card data electronically. Therefore any piece of software that has been designed to touch credit card data is considered a payment application.
  Am I PCI compliant if I have an SSL certificate?
No. SSL certificates do not secure a Web server from malicious attacks or intrusions. High assurance SSL certificates provide the first tier of customer security and reassurance such as the below, but there are other steps to achieve PCI Compliance.
  If I only accept credit cards over the phone, does PCI still apply to me?
Yes. All business that store, process or transmit payment cardholder data must be PCI Compliant.
  If I’m not compliant, what may happen to me and my business?
You may be liable for non-compliance fines if you do not work towards compliance with your acquirer and ultimately your acquirer may be forced to terminate your relationship, which will prevent you from accepting payments by card.Your customer’s data may be at risk of compromise and subject to fraudulent use.

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