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ISO 19770 | IT ASSET

ISO 19770

IT Asset Management | ITAM

Becoming ISO 19770 Certified Transfer your certification

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ISO 19770 = Information + System + Hardware that is used in the course of business activities

IT asset management (information technology asset management) is a set of business practices for optimizing spending and supporting strategic decision making within the IT environment while also increasing the company-wide understanding of IT's business value.

IT asset management entails collecting inventory, financial and contractual data to manage the IT asset throughout its life cycle. Capturing and integrating autodiscovery/inventory, financial and contractual data in a central repository for all IT assets enables the functions to effectively manage vendors and a software and hardware asset portfolio from requisition through retirement, thus monitoring the asset’s performance throughout its life cycle.

3 steps to ISO 19770 Certification

For a more detailed list of the usual steps needed to get certified to the ISO quality standard, please contact us. Briefly, though, here’s what you’ll need to do. Basically, there will be four major steps in your ISO certification process.

  • Internal Audit

    TAYLLORCOX assessment show you how close you are to being ready for an ISO 19770 certification.

  • Training

    Your staff will require training (Internal Auditor, Manager). It is dependent on their responsibilities.

  • Certification

    During an ISO audit, the auditor(s) will examine your organisation records and will talk with your people.

More information

Total Cost of Maintenance (TCM)
The accounting department should be able to put this together pretty fast. It is a departmental cost, not the “cost of unreliability” (COUR) index that we use elsewhere. The total is a surprise to most executives. TCM includes the following:

Breakdown Maintenance Percentage (BM%)
As we said above, the cost of repairing an equipment breakdown is three to five times the cost of the same repair done in a planned manner, prior to failure. A world-class asset management program typically holds breakdown maintenance under 5 percent of all maintenance man hours.

Cost Savings for World-Class Asset Management
The Total Cost of Maintenance (TCM) is your baseline cost today. We can approximate the cost of a world-class asset management system as follows:

Keeping track of your machines isn't just bean-counter busywork. It's an essential enterprise task that facilitates hardware and software management, license compliance, regulatory compliance, and security. Indeed, a successful asset management solution can save companies time, money, and lots of management headaches.

Our ISO certification services cover training, gap analysis, documentation, implementation assistance, internal audit, pre-assessment audit, assistance in selection of the ISO certification body and ensuring successful completion of the ISO certification audit.

TAYLLORCOX experienced auditors possess a high level of expertise, with the training to carry out audits for information security and other quality management systems in many industrial sectors. Through our established worldwide network of professionals, we can provide certification services no matter where you are.

FAQ: IS0/IEC 19770 Certification 

  Why standard for SAM?
ISO certification is traditionally associated with developing processes and procedures to make an organization a safer place e.g. health and safety, security, which isn’t really transferable to SAM.
  How Do I Use the ISO Standard?
Like all standards, ISO 19770 provides a universal base upon which programs can be built, identifying outcomes and integrations that all programs should include. The next level of detail, the actual “how to,” is not offered in a standard because that level must incorporate the specific characteristics of an organization.
  What’s the different between ISO/IEC 19770-1 and ISO/IEC 19970-2?
ISO/IEC 19770 is a multi-part standard for Software Asset Management (SAM), currently with two parts publicly available for implementation and one 'work-in-progress' part. Each part is identified by a unique suffix.

Part 1 (ISO/IEC 19770-1) outlines business processes for successful software asset management. Part 2 (ISO/IEC 19770-2) outlines the structure for software identification tags, which can be used to improve the accuracy of software inventory collection as part of SAM.

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