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ITIL® Intro

ITIL® Intro

Get a quick introduction to ITIL and IT Service Management essentials..

Classroom Training Online Access

Get a quick introduction to ITIL and service management essentials with ITIL Lite. Based around a real world financial services case study, this course is suitable for technical, business and executive personnel. ITIL® consists of a coherent set of best practices drawn from many public and business sectors. ITIL® is the appropriate framework for organizations that (regularly) deal with supplying, using or supporting IT services. ITIL® is based on the practice of IT Service Management and is expected to continue to be a guiding framework for a long time.

  • Continually improve
  • Show value for money
  • Enable business change
  • Support business outcomes
  • Optimize customer experience
  • Manage risk in line with business

Course details

Target Group

You are an IT professional, business manager or business process owner in an organization that operates according to ITIL. After gaining this course, you will understand how the ITIL exam program contributes to raising the quality of IT Service Management. Your role and qualities are important for better (team) performance.

What Are the Benefits of ITIL for Organization?

- Supports improvement of user productivity.
- Defines IT in terms of services rather than systems.
- Provides a framework for IT to support regulatory challenges.
- Supports reducing IT costs and justifying the cost of IT quality.
- Clearly identifies roles and responsibilities for IT service management.
- Improves ability of IT to adjust as business opportunities and challenges are presented.
- Provides a single, definable, repeatable, and scalable documented framework for IT best practices across the organization.


Course content is designed to be flexible to suit the needs of the organization's delegates. The course is designed to review the fundamentals of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) core volumes which provide an end-to-end view of IT and its integration with business strategy.

Those core volumes are: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement. During the course of the cram and exam day, delegates will review the mock paper sent prior to the course as well as other practice questions that the instructor feels are appropriate. Review of the following areas will typically take place:

- Roles
- Functions
- Processes
- Generic Concepts
- The Service Lifecycle
- Key Principles and Models
- Technology and Architecture
- Service Management as a Practice

ITIL® Intro™ Exam

There is no exam associated with this course.  ITIL® Intro is first step to achieve ITIL® Foundation certificate. ITIL Intro diploma is a certificate issued by an ATO (Accredited Training Organization) that testifies that the candidates has successfully completed a ITIL Overview course. If you’d like to gain an ITIL certification, visit our ITIL Foundation page to learn more.


  What is an ITIL® qualification?
ITIL® (IT Infrastructure Library) certificates are designed as IT service Management qualifications. They are designed so that individuals become familiar with the optimum practice for IT service Management – as defined in the IT Infrastructure Library guidelines.
  Why do I need an ITIL® qualification?

People often consider an ITIL® qualification for personal development reasons and for their career. Quite often to get on to the top of the CV pile, you need to have an extra qualification like ITIL® (even if involved in service management for many years without it).

In many advertised application an ITIL qualification is essential. Many companies also encourage employees to take the exams, so you are then able to present your company as using ITIL®. This works well if supplying large IT organizations or external companies.

  Do I need a background in IT in order to take this course?
No. Some familiarity with IT is helpful, but not required. The instructor will explain the concepts in real world terms, not (just) technical terms. In fact, many of our students are Project Managers who need to gain a "management level" understanding of IT without having a technical background.

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