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ITIL® Foundation

ITIL® Foundation

The most important certificate for IT professionals and employees.

Classroom Training Online Access

ITIL Foundation is the most important certificate for IT professionals and employees wishing to know more about IT Service Management. Organizations that work according to ITIL use the complete ITIL exam program for training personnel based on their roles. Their ITIL skills enable them to perform and cooperate better.

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Improved IT services
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • IT Governance
  • Improved productivity
  • Share skills and experience

Course details

Who Will Benefit

This course is suitable for all levels of personnel within the IT organization including technical IT professionals, business managers, team leaders, project managers IT support staff, IT consultants, business process owners, developers and any other individuals who require an understanding of ITIL, especially those looking to obtain further qualifications in this area. Typically attendees come from these kinds of organizations.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

ITIL® provides a robust framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services that can be adapted and applied to all business and organizational environments. Successfully adopting ITIL can help you improve services by providing ways of helping you:

- Manage business risk and service disruption or failure

- Establish cost-effective systems for managing demand for your services

- Support business change whilst maintaining a stable service environment

- Improve and develop positive relationships with your customers by delivering efficient services that meet their needs


After completing the ITIL Foundation course, delegates will have a thorough understanding of: Service Management as a practice | Service Lifecycle (Comprehension) | Key Principles and Models (Comprehension) | Generic Concepts (Awareness) | Selected Processes (Awareness) | Selected Roles (Awareness) | Selected Functions (Awareness) | Technology and Architecture (Awareness) | Competence and Training (Awareness).

Exam content

Candidates are tested on: Service management as a practice | The ITIL service lifecycle | Generic concepts and definitions | Key principles and models | Selected processes | Selected functions | Selected roles | Technology and architecture | Competence and training.

Exam Details

- Open book: no

- Number of questions: 40

- Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)

- Electronic devices permitted: no


  Why use ITIL?
To overcome the frequent criticisms of IT investment regarding over spend, under delivery, and lack of transparency. Benefits can include increased productivity, higher levels of customer satisfaction, reduced costs, improved communications between the IT function and its customers, improved morale of service delivery staff, lower costs of training, and better asset utilization. Savings in total costs of ownership of 48% have been reported in case studies.
  Is ITIL for individuals or for companies?
ITIL qualifications are specific to an individual. However, many organizations use ITIL training to establish a common best practice approach to IT service management. Moreover, ITIL processes are deeply embedded within corporate certifications such as ISO20000.
  What does ITIL® compromise of?
ITIL® consists of a five book library: Continual Service Improvement – Guidance on how to consistently monitor your portfolio of services to ensure they are as good as they can be and still of value to your clients. Service Transition – Guidance on moving from the previous state to the new state and implementing these services. Service Operation – Guidance on day to day management of your services. Service Strategy – Guidance on defining types of levels of service that you want to provide to your user and customers. Service Design – Guidance on how to shape the way in which your service strategy will become a reality.

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