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ITAM™ Foundation

IT Asset Management Foundation

ITAM Foundation is an extensive course of IT Asset best practices and processes

Classroom Training Online Access

Trends like Cloud, Mobile, Social, Bring-Your-Own-Device, Consumerization of IT, Bring-Your-Own-Application and Big Data have created significant shifts in the way businesses operate. These shifts make IT Asset Management more important than ever: it helps organizations keep a firm grip on their businesses and most valuable assets.

  • Get knowledge of IT Asset
  • Many roles now require ITAM
  • Worldwide recognized certification
  • Business value in the IT Asset
  • Reduce the risks with software audits
  • Better agreements, license and pricing

Course details

Who is it for?

IT Asset Management Foundation is intended for all key personnel in the organization involved in the IT lifecycle. Whilst this certification has an IT focus, it has been specifically designed for non-IT personnel in mind. 

Specific roles/responsibilities could include (but are not limited to):

Overall management | IT Manager | Procurement Manager | Financial Manager | IT Operations  | Project Manager | Process Manager | Contract Manager | Risk Manager | Business Continuity Manager | Security Manager

Organization benefits

IT is business critical for any organization and handling of contracts, licenses, economy and technology require skills across traditional professional boundaries.

Responsibility for the significant values ​​and risks associated with IT often end up in a gap between financial, contract and IT Management. IT Asset Management (ITAM) forms an important element in a business strategy enabling cost control, risk reduction and improved business value in the IT asset lifecycle.

IT Asset Management Foundation covers the four key areas of IT Asset Management: Hardware Asset Management, including “mobile devices”; Software Asset Management; Services & Cloud Asset Management and People & Information Asset Management, including "Bring Your Own Device".

Course content

ITAM introduction:

- People & Information Asset Management
- The IT Asset lifecycle and its impact on your business
- Typical business issues and challenges in the ITAM workflow
- The key roles in ITAM – stakeholders, functions, roles and responsibilities
- Introduction to the four key areas: Hardware, Software, Services & Cloud Asset Management

IT Asset Management

- Software Asset Management
- Hardware Asset Management
- Services and Cloud Asset Management
- People & Information Asset Management

ITAM Key findings and conclusions:

- The best practices in the ITAM framework

- How to assess and understand the ITAM maturity in your organization

- The interface between the four key ITAM areas (HAM, SAM, SEAM, PINAM)

- Effective communication of your ITAM goals to the key stakeholders in your organization

Exam Details + certification

The purpose of the ITAMF Certification will be to give the participants a basic understanding of the field of ITAM and how the different areas relate to each other across functions and departments. In addition, the relation between ITAM and other best practice areas and standards will be highlighted.

Examination details

- Pass mark: 65%

- Open book/notes: No

- Number of questions: 40

- Electronic equipment/aides permitted: No

- Time allotted for examination: 60 minutes

- Examination type: Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions


  What is the organizational role of IT Asset Management?
Many individuals often perform in this role. It is becoming increasingly common to see titles such as IT Asset Manager, IT Asset Management Program Manager, IT Asset Analyst, etc. in organizational charts and position descriptions.

At the same time however, it is essential to realize that IT Asset Management disciplines are achieved through participation across many functional areas. IT Asset Management truly is a discipline and has many contributors and stakeholders.
  Are TAYLLORCOX "IT Asset Management" courses (such as ITAMF) accredited/recognized?

TAYLLORCOX is ATO (Accredited Training Organization) with range of accreditation from Examination Institutes like EXIN. Based on partnership EXIN - ITAMOrg now we offer a complete certification program for IT Asset Management.

ITAMOrg is a fast-growing global organization of IT Asset Management Professionals. Offers certified ITAM education, consulting & conference.

  Why is Accreditation important?
ITAMOrg accreditation is important to various groups because it represents an organization's commitment to quality and control. Being an accredited programme/organisation helps to demonstrate that the quality and control criteria set by accreditation agencies are being met.

Business and IT leaders are interested in the quality of ITAM and consider accreditation status an important factor. Accreditation shows that the programme/institute has achieved certain standard regarding procedure and policy control and compliance with established standards.

Candidates should find out about the accreditation of a program or institute and also check that the accrediting is reputable before commencing any IT professionals with a particular organization.

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